You’ve finally decided on and booked your family portraits! Now what?  Well, next comes figuring out what to wear and how your family can look it’s best. I have some tips to help make this easier for you.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute To Put Outfits Together
First, I highly recommend that you don’t wait until the last minute to put together outfits for everyone. Start as early as possible and start with what they already own! Don’t feel pressured or obligated to go out and shop for brand new outfits for everyone. Even our clothes have memories attached to them. And kids might feel more comfortable if you select clothes they are familiar with for their portraits. A new shirt or blouse might be a nice purchase for any of your family members if they want to have a fresh look if the closet isn’t delivering for them.

Coordinate But Don’t Look Like Duplicates
Sometimes I see family portraits where everyone in the photo is wearing a polo shirt and denim jeans. This style was very popular years ago, but it’s a trend we don’t see often anymore. Pick 1 or 2 colors at the most for your family and have each person wear that color anywhere (jewelry, watch, pants, shirt, dress, scarf). 

Use the Season or your Home Decor as Inspiration for the Colors You Wear
Consider the location of where your portrait session will be held, and use that to inspire your color selection. If you plan to hang your framed family portraits on your wall at home, select clothing colors to compliment your home’s color scheme.

Lay Out Your Outfit Head to Toe So You Don’t Forget Anything
There’s nothing more stressful when you are getting ready to leave for an appointment and can’t find the other sock. Make sure you have located everything you need to be dressed for your portraits so you don’t have a stressful time getting ready on limited time.

Shave The Day Before
The camera sees it all, even cuts from shaving. Shave the night before your portraits so your skin is smooth and not irritated.

Wear an Outfit that Covers the Upper Arm
Often when we are grouped as a family to take photos, our arms are smashed flat down by our side, creating the look of a much larger arm than people really have. Women may often find this unflattering and not like their arms in photos, but this is not something that can be easily Photoshopped. 

Floss and Brush Your Teeth Before Your Session
Put your best smile out there with clean teeth and fresh breath. Kids and their honest comments might make for awkward situations if you brought dragon breath with you lol.

Get Good Sleep, Eat, and Stay Hydrated
Not only is this good life advice, but even more important in preparation for a portrait session. Avoid high salt and heavy cocktails prior to your photo session to limit under eye puffiness and retaining water. Make sure everyone eats a meal (not in their photo outfits) ahead of time to limit irritability.